Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Eileen Grimshaw Castle


Scotland is a wonderful place for photography. This is Eilean Donan Castle (rather than ‘Eileen Grimshaw Castle’ which is what I was always referring to it as at the time), a beautiful setting which is very popular with both photographers and film makers. Once we had been there, we kept seeing it turning up in all sorts of historical dramas.movies and other productions. I noticed it recently in an old episode of the New Avengers. I’m told it was also used in ‘Braveheart’ and I’m pretty sure it’s turned up in at least one Hammer Horror. No doubt you’ll let me know.
This was taken in 2009 when we went on a scenic tour of Scotland in late September. Both the weather and the landscape was dramatic and conducive to some wonderful shots.
I took this with my Olympus e420 which, despite its rather compact size for a DSLR and its ‘entry level’ status is a marvellous piece of kit and capable of stunning results.


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