Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Wild Wales #001


This came out a lot better than expected. I have been experimenting with Adobe Lightroom 4 recently, and am slowly coming to terms not only with what it is, which is a collection of software modules featuring an excellent photograph cataloguing feature, and a Raw file editor, from which one can export directly into Photoshop, Elements etc. It takes a bit of getting used to, but there are lots of opportunities for automating processes and speeding up the process of naming, keywording, basic conversion etc, by the use of customisable presets. I’m sure to some people that just sounds like ‘blah blah blah’ but if you’re at all interested, check it out. You can I think get a trial version from the Adobe website. You can get a fairly decent final version of your work in Lightroom alone, but I like to go back to my Photoshop comfort zone for some final tweaking (Photoshop Elements in this case)

I took this picture last week on a trip to North Wales, Land of My Fathers (and Mothers), on one of the few occasions it wasn’t raining or hailstoning. Yes. I was born in a very spooky place.


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