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The London Underground – Hammersmith


From Earls Court to Hammersmith is either two or three stops, depending what line you get. For reasons that no one can explain, and are no doubt lost in the mists of London Underground history, the Piccadilly Line shoots straight through West Kensington without stopping, despite sharing the same line as the District Line service, which stops there on every journey. Does this matter? Not really. The only thing of interest at West Kensington is my dentist, and that’s of interest only to me.
So, we carry straight on to Hammersmith, which has a transparent roof supported by giant exposed beams. This creates some wonderful shadows if the sun is out, so you have to be quick.
To confuse things even more, there are two Hammersmith stations, either side of a hectic road junction. Hammersmith is a popular shopping area, despite the fact there’s essentially only one street. They have a farmer’s market on Thursday outside the Lyric Theatre, and you may catch sight of Bill Bailey, who is a famous bearded celebrity resident.


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