Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Self Portrait With China Dogs


Self portraits are something that I normally do as an exercise, rather than as an expression of vanity, and I’m sure this is the case with the majority of photographers and artists. Good thing too really, since I haven’t got that much going on to be vain about. Having said that, it never stopped Rembrandt who was, it has to be said, a bit of a rough-looking old bugger.
Usually the case is you can call on friends and family to act as models but most of the time they insist on smiling, or have to do their hair first, or run home and change. That’s not what it’s about, but by the time they’ve got the curlers out the moment’s gone.
So, if I’m at a bit of a loose end I take photographs of myself, usually of an experimental nature. I was trying to see if I could get both my reflection and the china dogs into focus here.
This is my old bedroom which my mother reclaimed once I’d moved out. Other things seem to have come and gone, but the mirror and the china dogs seem to have always been there. To be honest, the dogs have migrated around the house a fair bit but always seem to wind up somewhere staring at me with their evil glassy eyes while I’m trying to sleep.


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