Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Shadow of a bicycle


One of the great things to do on a sunny day is setting off with the camera and searching for interesting shadows. Admittedly, a better thing to do would be to sit outside a pub with a large vodka and coke, planning one’s photographic conquest of the Universe. However, one could always keep an eye out on the way.
Looking at the subject philosophically, vision, and by consequence photography, could not exist without shadows. They are negative space created by the light which failed to fall on the subject, and the distorted shapes created by them have always been of interest to me.
Pictures like this, which approach the minimal in terms of tone variation, are somewhat like mantras or mandalas. Stare at it long enough and the inherent identity and meaning of the bicycle eventually disappears, and one sees the abstract design that is perhaps its true form.


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