Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Male Figure


I think I have said before that my background is one of Art and Illustration, and my approach to photography is very much coloured (or black-and-whited to be strictly accurate) by this. I’ve never really been one to respect the integrity of the photographic image, since for me it’s more like painting. There’s composition, contrast, drama, truth, meaning… all that palaver, and these are important in both painting and photography, so why shouldn’t the techniques of painting and photography be interchangeable to some extent.
I have no qualms about manipulating imagery to produce a better final result. In these experimental pictures a random shot was taken of a TV screen with a deliberate camera shake involved, and the resultant image was ‘painted’ in effect using the Photoshop dodge and burn tools, along with some contrast and level adjustments.
Oddly, it does have the look of an impressionist painting, and I will be developing this technique further.


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