Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

The Moth of Doom


I was on my way out with the camera one day and found this moth sitting in the hallway on the shelf where we usually put the communal post. Serendipitously, I had a macro lens already on the camera and so managed to take a couple of shots of the beast.
Apart from the little white buggers that eat my t-shirts, I like moths. They’re a regular feature of the London summer and apart from foxes and pigeons we don’t see a great variety of wildlife. It’s not often we see moths so large though.
I managed to encourage him onto a junk mail envelope and released him to the open world, since life in our hallway would probably have proved a trifle harsh. I was also concerned that the residents in the two other flats might not have been so fond of moths as I am, and that I would have returned to find him mashed with a copy of the yellow pages.


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