Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Shepherds Bush Market


I’ve been a customer and visitor to this market for a good few years now. The vegetable stalls are excellent and there are some good butchers shops (exclusively halal as far as I can determine, so it’s no good for pork sausages or chops. On the other hand, they do some excellent goat which I buy now and again for curry).
The market in its present form may become a thing of the past as it’s part of a regeneration scheme which will see a new larger market replacing the old one. I can’t help feeling slightly sad about this, as the market has a certain dilapidated charm with its ramshackle wooden shops on the eastern side and the warren of stalls under haphazard awnings on the west.
There used to a be great stall about halfway down that sold second hand paperback books (that’s gone the way of all flesh now), and there’s a pet shop where we bought our albino catfish.
One Saturday I, and some rather bemused stallholders, were treated to in impromptu acapella concert by a Phillipino Michael Jackson tribute act who made up in tone and volume what he lacked in tunefulness.
It’s also the setting for Steptoe’s Yard in ‘Steptoe and Son’ so it has its place in cultural history.
I’ll be sad to see it change, although I can understand the necessity, and I do hope that the Council manage to retain some of the character, although having seen some Councils’ attempts at ‘Regeneration’ I can’t help but be a tad concerned.


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