Roddy Williams – An ongoing portfolio

Tower No 1


Because I’m a bit OCD, and a tiny bit bonkers, I like repetition. I like those little Perspex boxes you can buy where identical blobs of coloured oil run down a chute of some sort and fill up the reservoir at the bottom, at which point you turn it upside down and the whole thing starts again, and I like hour glasses, and sand pictures and consequently I like series of photographs of the same thing.
At one time I used to wait for the train in the mornings (and sometimes later) at this point on the platform of my local tube station, and got into the habit of taking photographs of this tower block quite regularly, in various climes and seasons of the year.
I’m thinking I will post them here as an occasional series, since there’s quite a few of them, displaying the changing face of this one view of London.
I like this idea.


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