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The Prince of Cups


I’ve been discussing double exposures with another blogger, one who, I am pleased to know, still uses film rather than this modern digital blasphemy.
I don’t think I could go back to film, sadly. Quite apart from the expense of the equipment and developing gear and setting a darkroom up, I have got far too used to processing images digitally.
With film, I used to use up a roll of film at half the necessary exposure, then rewound the film, taking care not to wind it all the way back into the can. At the outset I would make a small mark on the film when it was loaded into the camera to correspond to a point on the interior of the camera body. (This ensures that the double exposures line up against the first set of exposures). The film is reloaded into the camera, the film lined up properly against the mark, and one would take another set of images at half the necessary exposure.
The result is a series of photographs which randomly blend into each other, and can often be quite exciting, surprising and beautiful.
The digital age makes it easier (but arguably a lot less fun) since many DSLRs now feature a double exposure function which produce images like the one above. The sense of surprise is gone since one would be aware of what images one would be overlapping but the results can be just as interesting.


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