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Random Tube Person #2016-059 #streetphotography




Random Tube Person #2016-052 #streetphotography



Random Tube Person #2015-027 #streetphotography


Exposure 6 – V Clouds Over Brighton

This is the B/W Panatomic X filter, pushed one stop. Loving it!



Reflection in our CD Cabinet


Welsh Communion


A few years ago, I took a few shots of random objects in my mother’s home in Wrexham, North Wales where I grew up. I’m glad I did now, as she no longer lives there and these odd little photos remind me of the atmosphere of the place.
Wrexham, much like Belgium, is a centre of surrealism since wherever you go in the town you are bound to find something that doesn’t make any sense. I did not realise until I was working on this picture that on the dial of my mother’s kitchen scales it says ‘Not for legal use’, from which I deduce it would be ideal for measuring out half pounds of crack cocaine.

The Pigeon Kit


The folk of North Wales are very keen on their pigeon-racing. The pigeon kit (a kit being a shed, I’m not sure of the origin of the word) in which the pigeons live and to which they return from a race seems to vary from being a precarious punch and judy style affair perched precariously on the edge of a cliff or the brow of a hill, to more elaborate constructions which could comfortably house a family of six and a dog.
This is a midrange property.