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Exposure 6 – V Clouds Over Brighton

This is the B/W Panatomic X filter, pushed one stop. Loving it!




Alone in Brighton


Clouds Over Brighton #001


It’s turned out very Turneresque, this. The only solid object in the scene is the lamp column, just to provide some contrast and a sense of scale. I like the way the clouds blend into the sea.
There’s a few of these taken over a period of a few days, and they are all very different as the light changes so quickly.

The Seagull


It’s odd how we have misconceptions of things. Rather like sunflowers, which are usually more angular and aggressive than we imagine them in our heads, seagulls in the flesh seem much larger and possessed of more menace than that with which our imagination usually credits them.

This is a Brighton seagull. I have no evidence that Brighton seagulls are more sinister than seagulls in the rest of the country, but I have a theory that they are. There is a malign intelligence behind those beady eyes and a fearlessness that is unnerving.

As I was preparing to take this photograph a local came up to me and said ‘You can go a lot closer, you know. These buggers are scared of no one. He ain’t going to fly away.’ He was right.

Anthony in Brighton


Infrared does odd things to skin tones. Anthony here in reality is very black, but the IR strips out the skin pigmentation and some of the eye colouring, and he’s ended up looking like a Mexican roughneck on a weekend in Brighton. Not a bad portrait though. This was taken on a Nikon D200 converted to Infrared by the clever boys at Advanced Camera Services.