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Moonbeam in the Sun




Moonbeam Asleep



Moonbeam The Cat Concentrates on Trying to Destroy a Glass of Champagne with the Power of Her Mind.


Moonbeam at Christmas

Taken with my new Christmas Lensbaby Composer


The Fabulous Moonbeam – in the window


Still playing with my Zeiss 50mm. I’m not sure Moonbeam the cat appreciates being a model. She does it very well, and manages to sit still when it’s needed, but as I mentioned to my partner earlier, we should have called her Naomi Campbell, as she’s depressingly demanding.
She’s looking like she’s been to One Direction’s hairdresser in this, as her fur seems a tad whirligig.
I’ll tell people it was deliberate and adds character.

The Fabulous Moonbeam


Just for a change, a nice studio shot (studio being our sofa with a sheet thrown over it)

Moonbeam in a Box


Moonbeam the cat has decided that this box (which we were going to throw away) is now her favourite place. TV psychic Derek Acora, who popped in the other day on an unrelated matter, (they were doing some filming down the road with a woman who has some haunted cutlery, and he needed to use our toilet because hers was all hessian and he’s allergic) said that Moonbeam was a Punch and Judy man in Rhyl in a former life and has unresolved insecurity issues.
I’m not sure I believe that… and I don’t think he washed his hands.